starting our week off right (mostly)

Sunday we enjoyed a family outing to Becky & Jib’s for brunch…man, how this group of friends has exploded with children! Soon we will have to start bringing labels to slap on the kids’ backs so we know who belongs to who, although if you did a dad/kid lineup, it’d be pretty obvious.

Micah was not really interested in the goings-on at brunch. She acted like the “cool kid” and slept through the whole thing, except for the quick mini-blow-out-diaper-change-new-outfit right there at the end.

And since the weather was so nice Sunday, we ended up spending some time outdoors at Black Star (back for our second day in a row, lame). I’m sure we could have been pulling weeds in the yard or doing laundry, but instead we chose to enjoy a drink and the warm sunshine on our backs. Call us irresponsible.

On our way home we picked up a free Crate & Barrel chaise lounge that was on the curb in the neighborhood…we thought it was obviously a good decision, but our fast actions led to little thinking and, well, the 4-runner paid a small price…er, what I hope is a small price. Let’s not talk about it.

And today, after reading more of these good-mommy books, Micah and I worked on a better routine to help us both prepare for me going back to work in two weeks. We now have a set morning feeding time and tried for true wake times after each feeding, which went pretty well…after her 6:30 AM one she laid by me gurgling away while I dozed in and out of sleep, mid-morning we ran to the grocery store, and this afternoon took a 55 minute walk through the ‘hood.

I’m hoping this this system of eat, awake, sleep will work and help her sleep more soundly at night (obviously we hope to avoid the “awake” portion at night). So far so good…after our walk, I put her down in the crib while she was still awake and she managed to put herself to sleep with minimal fussing. What a champ! Let’s hope for many repeat performances.

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One Response to starting our week off right (mostly)

  1. Shirley says:

    Go Baby Whisperer! LOVED the E.A.S.Y. method myself…

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