due date

20120218-200910.jpgAs suspected, I’m finding it much more difficult to find time to post. Instead I’ve been sending short Micahgram’s via email to family/friends…and today decided those are the short posts I should be putting on the blog. Plus, Josh appreciates brevity.

So today Micah experienced a couple of firsts…first road trip out of Austin and first visit to Grandma & Grandpa’s. We went to see my parents for a visit while Micah’s great-aunt Ruth is in town, and I must say she was very well-behaved. Too bad it was cold and rainy or we would have tried for a picture with the cows in the background (before they’re gone).

20120218-202301.jpgBack at home, we enjoyed some down time in our family room that is coming together…tummy time on her play mat and FaceTime with Nana & Papa Joe.

And because today was Micah’s original due date, we decided to celebrate by attempting dinner and drinks at Black Star Coop. Overall a good, rainy day…

Bonus: check out her post-bath curly hair.


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2 Responses to due date

  1. Nathan says:

    Hi Mom in Olivia’s pjs… Wait! That’s Micah.

  2. Nana says:

    Oh my! That hair 🙂

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