four-week mark

Yesterday Micah made it to the four-week mark and she’s still not even supposed to be here!  I feel blessed that she’s doing so well despite being a preemie.  I think the overwhelming showering of love has a little something to do with it…

Speaking of, this past week brought visits from her Great Grandma & Grandpa Spradling as well as Nana & Papa Joe.  Micah enjoyed lots of cuddling with them, which gave me some hands-free time.  Not sure what I did, but it was somewhat liberating!  I was also happy that Josh’s family got to see first-hand how involved he is.  He’s really a great dad and it’s so sweet how he adores Micah.  It makes me wish he were still home this week, instead of back at work, sigh.  I guess he’s just getting a head start on his “work” routine with her…it seems he has already aligned daddy time with watching PTI, always the skilled multi-tasker.

Meanwhile we’re also getting better at baths and coordinating them around her BM schedule (our first 3 baths at home included pooping in her bath water or the clean towel, ugh).  Plus, Grandma Gerry helped us figure out a better bath system.  Sometimes I just need tips and tricks from experienced moms.  Like Lisa with her breast-feeding advice and Erin with her Moby wrap demonstration…there is so much to figure out as a new mom!  Maybe I’m a nerd, but I actually googled how to take her to the grocery store in her carrier before I went.  I was so scared it wouldn’t fit in the cart and I’d look like a fool and have to turn around and go home!  Sometimes I just need someone else to tell me it’ll work, how to do it, or give a little encouragement…maybe that’s why people say the second child is easier–you’ve got more confidence by then.  I’m not sure when or if I’ll have the energy/desire to test that theory…for now, I’m soaking in my Micah time before the next four weeks are up, which  aligns with me returning to work.  =(

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3 Responses to four-week mark

  1. I felt the same way about leaving the house alone with Ben for the first few weeks. It just seems like there is so much stuff to bring and remember that it was overwhelming. It really made me wish that more things had a drive-through – like Target and the doctor and every.single.Starbucks, please!

  2. Tania Ayers says:

    Those Purcell grandma’s sure know how to do baby bath time. Bailey was a preemie and my first! Grandma Mary gave me many tips on how to hold a tiny, wet and super slick baby. Oh and she taught me how to wash her tiny little head so she wouldn’t get cradle cap which I am proud to say she never did! Oh you gotta love those Grandma’s!

  3. Maux says:

    oh my gosh so cute and sweet that you googled taking babies to the grocery store before you went. i am so glad i will just be able to call you and/or cyndi and ask what the proper protocol is! Micah is ADORABLE! all that hair! room 257 misses you! we have another patient in there now who’s my favorite…. i can’t tell if we just put our favorites in there, or people in there just become our favorites….

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