our days are numbered

It’s official.

Richard, Little Richard, Little M, Baby Sprad, MC Sprad, whatever you desire to call her at this stage in the game, well, she’s going to be born on, drumroll please…Friday the 13th.

As if after all this we need further indications of unluckiness. Maybe, instead, it’s a vote of confidence that she can handle anything…or that maybe she’ll be nothing like her mom and will love scary movies. Whatever it ends up meaning, I’m just ecstatic that there’s an official date set and the countdown can begin! 23 days…

And not to belittle her arrival, but I am also thrilled about the prospect of returning home soon. You can’t understand how much I miss my house, my bed, my living room, and just walking into her nursery to admire her space and contemplate this new adventure we’re about to begin.

Lots of people have asked about us being “ready” for her…do we have everything we need? Is the nursery ready? Fortunately we got this diagnosis early-on (we do have some luck) so were able to squeeze in time to prep her nursery and celebrate with four baby showers (we feel so spoiled!). We really love her room…I think its a true reflection of the person we hope she becomes: unique, fun, colorful, creative, and not-too-girly…all the way down to the much discussed Wilco poster of a snake-wrapped head (hey, the colors worked beautifully and Josh insists it’ll make her tough).

Eh, I’m sure you’ll have your own opinion of her room, but we love it and can’t wait for her to join us here! (Zoey may greet her in her own moody way, but we at least know she loves the rug.)


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One Response to our days are numbered

  1. Carla says:

    Her room is darling ; ) enjoy your wee blessing

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